There is no solution in the capitalist system, but only a proletarian revolutionary solution

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Programmatic Declaration of the Free German Youth in english language

Which side we are on - Declaration Central Council of the FDJ / March 8, 2022



Let it be remembered: war against war. This basic attitude - never again fascism, never again war - this basic attitude, which was laid down in the Potsdam Agreement by the anti-Hitler coalition in 1945, did not last - despite the warning the German people had received from their own "traitors to the fatherland", who paid with their lives in the concentration
camps and Gestapo cellars, despite the fighters of the Résistance and the liberators on the side of the anti-Hitler coalition or in the Red Army. Despite the fact that they spared the German people from the threatened destruction by their own German war aggressor. And on top brought salvation to the German people salvation and its liberation from fascism
and war through an international war front, the burden of which was borne by the proletariat for the sake of peace in the world. For this the people of the Soviet Union, including 27 million workers and peasants, risked their lives and accepted their deaths: That never again fascism and war would emanate from German soil. That no nation, no country will be invaded and burned down again. "Never again fascism and war", this warning became reality through the people of the Soviet Union, through the liberation of all the peoples who suffered under German barbarism, by annihilating the German war canaille, the war producers, the German war criminal of monopoly capital and his fascist hordes, on their own soil. By a working class of socialism, which freed the German people from the crime and let them leave these everlasting war crimes of its bourgeoisie, and was able to do so.

Through the working class and the German people taking the path of peace by putting a stop to their own war aggressor, German imperialism, through their own liberation in a socialism on German soil. Which the German workers' movement was prepared to do and, with the help of the workers from the Soviet Union, turned a part of Germany into that part of Germany that helped secure peace in Europe for many decades by taking the path of socialism. Where the admonition "Never again fascism - Never again war" was made true. In contrast to the FRG, where the defeated monopoly bourgeoisie together with the war criminals and all the old Nazis in government and state made the war against peace, against the proletarians of the world and socialism a "peace" preparing for war on the still existing ruins of their second world war, the war, the renewed war production together with the army - whose personnel came from the Nazi army. And never stopped
the Eastland ride against all socialist countries. Neither against the own German people in the GDR, which was annexed by the German imperialism in 1989 and since then has been under the heel of the war aggressor. Or, as in the current Easland ride against all peoples who liberated themselves and as liberated must liberate themselves again. In order to live
in peace through the socialist revolution once again in their own country without the aggressors from the war alliance NATO, or under the German military boot and its war profiteers from capital and government, which occupy their countries since the 1990s. So their people of labor, whether proletarians, other working people or peasants live in the peace and prosperity that socialism guarantees them. As the German workers' movement has to defeat its main enemy, German imperialism, to join the side of all workers and peoples "Down with capitalism".

Let it be remembered: the proletariat in each country is a true great power - of peace, a power of revolution and peace in a new world of socialism, which can defeat any war aggressor of imperialism and its "new descendants", the oligarchs of the
counterrevolution. A war aggressor who would once again rather destroy the world in the war crime against the peoples in their barbaric wars which lead to a new World War, rather than hand it over to the mankind of work as a place of peace. Not shying away from genocide, not shying away from pushing billions of people into sheer misery in order to survive as a class of exploiters and oppressors. Every war of the bourgeoisie is a war against the peace power of the proletariat. A war between socialism and capitalism. Which urges and forces the working classes nationally, as well as internationally, to unite
in an anti-war front, a proletarian front across all national borders. To finally put an end to the murder of peoples and the destruction of everything their hands have created. And then no war aggressor can find a way any more to divide us, the workers in our own country, as well as against other workers of other countries, by discord, ill-will and to draw us to the side of the aggressor - instead of seeing in each one of them an enemy of the peoples' workers movement. Because: The main enemy is in the own country. And every main enemy of the warmongering powers is the enemy of every international anti-war movement of the proletariat.

We call upon you on the day of May 8 and 9, on the 77th anniversary - the day of liberation from Hitler's fascism:

Proletarians of all countries and peoples, unite!

Together we, "United Great Power of Peace", will beat these war aggressors. Who do not wage war alone against the proletariat and working people in Ukraine + Russia. And with it: Carry the war to the old Europe, which has already been twice reduced to rubble by the war of the capital of the imperialist and the monopolist warmongers. Not a third time. Like
all acts of war of these great powers - whether in Africa, whether in Latin America, whether in Asia. Putting a stop to their game of war by each people and each working class going its way of the revolution to enable them to establish a state of peace under socialism under the dictatorship of the proletariat or in the people's democracy, and do so.
So that we redeem:

Free Oleksandr and Mykhailo

Together against racism and nationalism

Declaration by the participants of the FDJ summer camp, August 2021

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Participants of FDJ – summercamp August 2021
In these times of the apparent victory of imperialism over
In these times which in fact only show that imperialism only
brings crisis, further decline and destruction.
In these times when day by day the ruling class' way out -
fascism and war - is drawing nearer
- We - the FDJ, the JRCF, the SKOJ state -
The discussion and exchange about our positions and
struggles and the common action of the revolutionary youth
across the borders is needed more than ever.
Some days that taught us:
Cooperation must become even closer and more frequent. In
exchange, in discussion and in action. Our opponent is weak,
our strength is unity in internationalism.
Youth first, so that our generation may put into action:
What is our answer to war and fascism -
revolution and socialism!

Declaration of the Central Council at the turn of the year 2020/2021: Socialism is and keeps being the best prophylaxis

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A virus cannot be denied. But, the question is: Upon what breeding ground does such a virus fall?
In Socialism, the health care system is not designed to fight against a disease, but to maintain health. In capitalism, big pharma, those who own the hospitals and those who own the factories which produce medical equipment only profit off a sick patient. The right to protection of health and labour power is constitutionally guaranteed in Socialism1. While the word “health” is not mentioned once in the constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany. In Socialism, all the different medical fields are bound together in the Polyclinic and work in close cooperation with kindergartens, schools and factories to ensure protection of health and work safety. Prophylaxis, diagnosis and therapy stand in close connection. In capitalism, the medical profession is split up into thousands of private practitioners, who – like it or not – stand in petty-capitalistic competition with one another. Appointments with a medical specialist are fully booked for months, medical equipment is used exactly to capacity, because they wouldn’t create profits otherwise. In Berlin, only 3.5% of all hospitals are in the hands of the public sector, in Hamburg 6.8%. On the other side, companies in the hospital business like Helios, where over 100,000 doctors and nurses work, turn over 9 billion Euros yearly. Medical research is only carried out where there is profit to be made. Under the rule of the working class the seperation between research and application will be dissolved. In Socialism universal and free health care exists, which is open to everyone. And why not? All surplus value that is created in the factories, workshops, on the construction sites and fields belongs to the people. And the people decide themselves what part of it they want to use for the protection of health.
Capitalism is at its end. Its stinking foulness may not have gotten up into the nose of some in this country because they still live relatively well off the backs of the peoples of the world. One does not have to dig through all numbers on how many people die because of treatable diseases. One example of this are the 200,000 worldwide that died of measles this year. Wasn’t a look towards the burning refugee camps in Moria this year enough to realise that this system takes human lives as floating material with it down the abyss? How steep must the mass graves become in the second wave in Italy, Spain and Greece to realise that it was German Imperialism that looted their health care systems in order to pay for their debts with the Deutsche Bank, the EU and the Federal Republic of Germany? Or does the German philistine only startle when the new Italian disaster happens in the annexed GDR and when the doctors have to choose whose life to save in Zittau (a city in Saxony)? Is it not about time to cut the head off the beast called German Imperialism? The spontaneous school occupations in Greece and Italy are a call of our classmates to join in their fight. When students and teachers protest against the government in France for more money to be put into education and public transport, when students in Italy occupy abandoned buildings to hold classes our demand cannot be home-schooling instead of classroom teaching. The strikes in the factories, on the building sites and in the hospitals of Spain and France are an appeal to the German workers to finally end their strikebreaking. It is up to us.
Preventing Fascism means overthrowing Capitalism!
It is not a new insight of the year 2020 that the bourgeois-parliamentary democracy is and more appearance than substance. Pandemics come and go, but capitalism carries war and fascism like a cloud carries the rain. In all spheres of life dying capitalism destroys what it has built in bourgeois revolutions like the Great French Revolution of 1789. The right to asylum was the first basic right the parlamentarians burned in the flames of Rostock-Lichtenhagen after the annexation of the German Democratic Republic. Even if the right of assembly was already shot into pieces 2006 by fragmenting it into 16 federal state laws, it has become a ruin today. The free sale of labour-power was already attacked by the introduction of Hartz IV (German unemployment law) and temporary agency work . More and more measures of forced labour are being installed some under the veil of “volunteering” like for the “Dein Jahr für Deutschland” (“Your Year for Germany”) program and some by conscription in a so-called case of disaster. The protest against the Law on Police Duties 2018 ebbed away quickly after their enactment and when the federal police was equipped with intelligence authority this year, protests didn’t happen at all.
The German Infection Protection Act, which was enacted November 2020, therefore does not stand by itself, but it does cancel bourgeois constitutionality as a whole by contradicting and thus cancelling the majority of basic rights. If Inviolability of the Home and the Freedom of Art or Freedom of Movement, not much is left of bourgeois rights. Yes, even the Freedom of Faith, which the bourgeoisie has protected against every proletarian revolution, is worth nothing anymore in this dying capitalism. Only the AfD (far right wing party) talks of an Enabling Act (Ermächtigungsgesetz)in Parliament and unfortunately, they are right. But, they only pretend to protect democracy in order to gain influence to topple the bourgeois republic themselves. The rest of the bourgeois parties may complain about them, while they are both carrying parliament to its grave. The upcoming election between AfD on the one side and the CDU/CSU (conservative parties), the SPD (social democratic party) and the Gruenen (green party) on the other side is a choice between the devil and the deep blue sea. And where was the uproar of the Left Party? Are they also blending into the Volksgemeinschaft that far already? And those self-described mavericks (Querdenker - a petty bourgeois Corona-denying group) of which many were part of those who in 1989 protested for the destruction of the “unjust state” German Democratic Republic, and now hold up the Basic Law only to burn tomorrow. The state apparatus, in the form of the police or the military, infused with fascist networks, increasingly invades civilian life. Soldiers march in lockstep into health departments and hospitals, while the Federal Government, with World War-pathos propaganda-clips, calls the youth to keep still and stay home.
It is high time to stop standing still ourselves and to organize the struggle against this damned system of exploitation in the factories, where thousands of workers are still swarming every day. A system that only brings forth destruction, disease, fascism and war does not offer us any future. Let’s not give this system any future! High time that we, the youth, reconquer the streets and places to build a future without capitalism side-by-side with the workers in the factories. We can care for our health, our education and useful labour a thousand times better ourselves!
Central Committee of the Free German Youth, 23rd of December 2020

From the action unit revolution instead of war and fascism for 75 years of liberation of Hitler fascism

AUFRUF AN DIE VÖLKER DER WELT: Zum 75. Jahrestag der Befreiung vom Hitlerfaschismus

К НАРОДАМ МИРА: ПРИЗЫВ к 75-ой годовщине освобождения от гитлеровского фашизма

DO NARODÓW ŚWIATA: APEL z okazji 75 rocznicy wyzwolenia spod faszyzmu hitlerowskiego

NÁRODŮM SVĚTA: VÝZVA u příležitosti 75. výročí osvobození od hitlerovského fašismu

AUX PEUPLES DU MONDE: UN APPEL au 75e anniversaire de la libération du fascisme hitlérien

TO THE PEOPLES OF THE WORLD: A CALL on the 75th anniversary of the liberation from Hitler fascism

Declaration at the turn of the year 2018/2019

» Declaration of the participants of the winter school of the FDJ in Berlin

Over the past few days, we have discussed and learned about the history of the struggles of our class. We have been agitating in the city, in the trams and on the streets for the unification of revolutionary youth and the need to rebuild the Communist Party. The beacon, also for November Revolution 100 years ago in Germany, gave the Great Socialist October Revolution in Russia under the leadership of the Bolsheviki. This is precisely what the Russian working class was ahead to the German: the existence of a revolutionary leadership. From this arises for us the indispensable necessity of a communist party that leads and directs the struggles of the working class. Without its existence, no revolution can be victorious. In Germany, the KPD was founded only in the revolution, but only with it does the working class learn to lead itself, instead of following the betrayal of social democratism. It was the youth at that time who stood in the front row. "First clarity, then majority" was the urgent advice of Karl Liebknecht to them and must be our slogan today. In the class struggles of the Weimar Republic it was proven the need for Bolshevization of the Communist Party, the party Ernst Thaelmann's. The Hamburg Uprising made the bourgeoisie feel their death knell. Fled from German fascism, the antifascist youth drew the correct conclusion from Thaelmann's united front policy and, as it were, called the KJVD to unite in the FDJ. This call was followed, among others, by social democratic youth, young trade unionists, Christian, Jewish and organised youth. In the fight against war and fascism and for a socialist future, his statement "There is no solution in the capitalist system, but only a proletarian revolutionary solution" must then and now be the constant maxim for the struggles in the educational institutions, in the enterprise, in the districts and in the unions.


Documents towards the 19th World Festival of Youth and Students in Sochi/Russia

International Declaration on occasion of the anniversary of the liberation from fascism and war

Documents towards the 18th World Festival of Youth and Students in Quito, Ecuador (2013)

Nobel Peace Prize not for germany!

Declaration of SJD - Die Falken N/O and FDJ in english and german

The European Union was receiving this year’s Nobel Peace Prize. However, the EU is only a temporary alliance among imperialist powers: “The United States of Europe under capitalist conditions is either impossible or reactionary.” (Lenin 1915) As temporary their alliance is, as temporary is their peace. The peace is especially threatened by German imperialism. Germany has provoked two World Wars previously; they murdered, plundered, and devastated Europe. For 67 years, the Federal republic of Germany has not concluded a peace treaty yet. Up to this day, the FRG has not paid any reparation and has not acknowledged their war crimes. The victims have not been compensated and the offenders have not been punished.


Documents towards the 17th World Festival of Youth and Students in South Africa (2010)